Smart Distribution & Marketing Services
for Artists and Labels Worldwide

We offer professional label services for independent artists and labels. Digital distribution, release promotion, playlist pitch, back-office and loads of add-ons. We deliver your music and help you in what comes next.

sell your music online

As an independent record label, getting your music into the biggest online music stores can be apainful and tedious process. But worry no more if you are reading this you have already found the solution you’re looking for!

Regardless of the size of your label or what stage of your career you are in, Córdoba Records has a distribution option that can help you accomplish your goals.

Maximize your music with a team that has your back.

Alongside our legendary client support team, get the most out of your music with our distribution, royalty management, marketing, and music monetization services.
Since 2017, we have worked with our community of independent artists, labels, and managers to build and grow their brands and businesses. You don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help.

the independent solution ❤️

As our slogan says, we are the independent solution and for that very reason we have an agreement with the largest independent distributor!

Services tailored to your needs.

Our suite of services allows you to distribute, market, monetize, and expand the reach of your music. These services are powerful alone — but even better when used together.

Distribution services

Our distribution network includes a wide range of digital music services and video streaming.

Marketing solutions

We offer bespoke digital release strategies for artists & labels across all platforms increasing visibility, engagement, sales and streams.

Technology & Analytics

Smartly manage and promote your whole catalog. The Backstage provides ultra-precise analytics to turn your audience engagement into sales.

Experts at your service

Dedicated music professionals at your service to develop your digital strategy. Honesty, transparency and efficiency are our core values.